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Why bother with training evaluation?

Why evaluate training? I believe that there are 3 principle reasons for training evaluation. Read more to find out why you should be completing this vital stage of the training cycle.

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5 common obstacles to conducting training evaluation

There are so many obstacles that can get in the way of even the best intentions of evaluating training. However, my top five are: Lack of time; Lack of support; Not having the right skills or tools; Not planning ahead; The inability to link training to business objectives. 1.  There isn’t enough time; I have [...]

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Gain a high level video overview of this blog.

The aim of this short video overview is to give you an insight into the topics that I’ll cover in this blog.  It’s only a few minutes long, have a look and if you decide that the subject matter might be relevant then sign up for my free video tutorial series that is currently in [...]

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How can you contribute and benefit from this resource?

Would you like to add your mark to EvaluationFocus? It would be great to hear from other professionals. There are 4 key ways that you can contribute…

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Research at Evaluation Focus

I haven’t kicked off any research projects yet but I will be soon! Do you have any suggestions for research topics?  Let me know your thoughts via the comments below or use my contact page to get in touch direct.

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Evaluation Focus Case Studies

I haven’t received any yet.  Have a look at my how to contribute post to get some more information on submitting case studies. Hopefully you’ll be the first one!

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Come back soon…..

I’m afraid I haven’t posted  anything yet in the Training Evaluation Cycle category.  Come back and have another look soon; I’ll be regularly adding new posts to this blog! You can watch my video post which provides an overview of the Training Evaluation Cycle, more details on the video tutorial series which is in development [...]

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