Evaluation is like framing pictures…

Think about how we frame pictures when considering your approach to learning evaluation…

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Efficiency & effectiveness….which comes first?

T&D needs to provide the highest VALUE to its organisation, and the easiest way to do that is to focus on training that has the highest organisational efficiency.

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Are we proactive Learning & Development Business Partners?

Relationship building is essential if Learning & Development professionals are to become effective Business Partners – build your approach into your learning evaluation strategy.

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Blooms Taxonomy of Learning Domains: explained in simple words!

I was asked via twitter recently what I thought about Blooms Taxonomy? Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains. What a title! The first thing that struck me when I decided to write an overview post on the Blooms model was that I needed to keep it simple. This model uses very academic language that is perhaps [...]

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Using Virtual Learning Environments to deliver training evaluation.

Can we exploit Virtual Learning Environment technology to assist in effective training evaluation? Here are 6 potential benefits VLEs could bring.

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Do you have confidence in your data?

Are you confident in the reliability of the data that you base your decisions on or has a little creativity crept in?

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Kirkpatrick Level 3 Evaluation

In this five part series covering the Kirkpatrick model of evaluation this post takes a specific look at the issues associated with level 3.

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