Do you have confidence in your data?

Collecting data as part of the training evaluation process is essential to enable informed decisions to be made on how we may alter our training in the future.

It seems obvious to me that we should be presenting that data in a style that our senior managers would like to see it. One way to present information that can be quickly assimilated is to use information dashboards to display key results.

However, irrespective of the methods you choose to present your results, you should clearly ensure that you are confident that the underlaying data is sound. I believe that it’s the responsibility of whoever is presenting the data to be confident that it is reliable. Receiving a challenge on the origins of your data and not been able to demonstrate confidence is likely to lead to a tricky situation. Falling foul at this stage of the process will almost certainly result in a loss of credibility and may seriously undermine any subsequent recommendations that you were hoping the senior team would endorse.

Are you confident in the data that you base your decisions on? Do you even bother using any data?

In the future I will cover some practical advice on how to be confident in the data that you use. Thank you to Dilbert for the cartoon and thanks to you for reading & watching!

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