How can you contribute and benefit from this resource?

Would you like to add your mark to EvaluationFocus?  It would be great to hear from other professionals.  There are 4 key ways that you can contribute:

1.    Add comments to blog posts

The easiest way to contribute is to add comments to blog posts or add further to the comments from others.  Obviously you’ll need to ensure your comments remain civil :) – but I’d be especially interested in hearing from those of you with different opinions.

2.    Participate in our research

I’ll be conducting a range of research into different aspects of training evaluation.  These will often take the form of mini polls and I’ll publish the results on the blog.  Please participate and if you have suggestions for research topics get in touch!

3.    Submit guest blog posts

I would be very interested in any guest posts that you’d like to submit.  Getting some different perspectives on training evaluation will be useful for both me and other readers.  Have a look at the ‘small print’ below.

4.    Provide case studies that you have been involved in

I’ve personally always found that case studies are a great way to learn.  If you have some training evaluation success stories that you’d be happy to share then write them up and send them in.  Equally, we can also benefit from understanding what didn’t work so well so please also include these type of case studies.  Whatever the level of success, include a ‘lessons identified’ section to help us understand those key aspects from your case study that we should be considering in the future.  Have a read of the additional info below:

Some small print stuff

Here are some additional guidelines and some general stuff that you’ll need to agree with:

  • Guest blog posts must be relevant to the topic of training evaluation.
  • Guest blog posts must be original and not already published elsewhere.
  • If your post is published here you agree not to then publish it somewhere else.
  • If you have provided a case study you have ensured you have the appropriate company permissions, and/or let me know that you have ‘changed names and locations’.
  • As a guide your post should be between 300 – 1200 words in length.
  • You’ll include appropriate headings to break up your text (or you’re happy for me to add them where I think they’re helpful).
  • You’ll provide a brief ‘about the author’ paragraph with or without a photo if you want these details to be included (if you want to remain anonymous that is fine too).
  • You’ll provide an appropriate link that you’d like to add to the end of your post (obviously optional but feel free if you wish).

What should I do next?

Read some posts and make some comments!

Watch out for our next research project and get involved!

Send an e-mail to and attach your blog post or case study.  I’ll always respond within 48 hrs to everything I receive to let you know whether I’ll be able to use your material or not.

Thank you in advance for all your contributions!

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