Be different from many others working in Learning & Development…


…Start to demonstrate the value that learning is contributing to business performance

There are still lots of Learning & Development personnel who fail to conduct any evaluation of the learning they are responsible for.  Start demonstrating how learning is adding value to the business (or identifying areas where it isn’t) and you’re likely to get noticed.  It might be just what you need to do to continue your progression up the career ladder.


Yes, you the L&D person should also have the opportunity to learn!

You can’t be expected to know how to introduce an effective approach to evaluating learning unless you have undertaken some learning yourself in how to do it.

It is possible to gradually teach yourself (and hopefully my blog helps).  But, what about a fast track way of not only learning the basic theory, but actually delivering an evaluation project for real – with support along the way!

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LEAD Learning Evaluation Development Programme

There is now a programme available that will help equip you with the necessary evaluation skills and guide you through the practical application. My name is Richard Eason (the author of this blog) and I have worked in the specialist area of evaluation for several years. Despite my previous experience, I still gained a great deal from attending this programme.

LEAD stands for Learning Evaluation Action Development.  It’s a 6 month programme that includes the following:

  • 1 Day Launch event – meeting tutors and other participants in the programme.  You will also start to frame the outline for your own evaluation project.
  • Masterclass One – a full day covering various approaches to learning evaluation, comprehensive learning materials are provided and a delicious lunch thrown in.
  • Masterclass Two – a full day covering applied research methods, once again, more learning materials and full refreshments.
  • Individual tutorial sessions – 3 x 1hr personal guidance periods, delivered in person, online or by telephone to provide specific support to your evaluation project.
  • Membership of action learning set – opportunity to collaborate with the others involved in the programme, sharing ideas and learning from each others experiences.
  • Access to online workspace – a secure environment where all learning materials are shared and communication can take place with tutors and other participants – a growing community that is accessible even after the programme has finished!
  • Evaluation project delivery – all the above supporting the delivery of a real evaluation project, adding direct value to your organisation.
  • Presentation Day – the opportunity to share with other participants the outcomes of your evaluation project and network with other L&D professionals.

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What are people saying about the Programme?

Here is what Alan Forsythe had to say, a Training & Development Manager, who has recently completed the programme:

The LEAD programme was a great learning experience with its unique blend of workshops with Ken and Alasdair, supervised application of the learning to a real life evaluation project and learning from each other through the action learning set. I would highly recommend this programme as it provides foundational knowledge, skills and experience for anyone tasked with evaluating learning in their organisation.


When is the next programmed scheduled for?


          1. Booking deadline: Wednesday 14th August 2013
          2. Launch Event: Wednesday 9th October 2013
          3. Masterclass One: Wednesday 13th November 2013
          4. Masterclass Two: Wednesday 20th November 2013
          5. Final Presentations: TBC, but likely early March 2014


Where are the residential elements held?

The residential days are held in the Stirling Management Centre, Scotland.  Stirling might not be exactly on your doorstep but consider the following:

1.  Involvement in this programme offers an opportunity to get out of the office for a day or two at a time to learn and reflect.
2.  The Stirling Management Centre is situated in the beautiful Scottish countryside (right beneath the Wallace Monument) and features well appointed en-suite accommodation and an excellent restaurant.
3.  You can travel direct by train from London Kings Cross to Stirling (or from other stations along the East Coast mainline), working / reinforcing your learning on route. There are also many low cost airline routes from around the country to nearby Edinburgh or Glasgow.


How much does the LEAD Programme cost?

The price per participant is £2,250 +VAT.  This cost includes all the learning and support that is necessary (plus your individual effort) to deliver an effective learning evaluation project that should add value to your organisation, whilst at the same time equipping you with some very desirable skills and knowledge.

You may wish to consider some of the following business benefits of attending this programme, if you’re planing on writing a business case to secure funding from your organisation:

Bulb - Hand Drawn Maroon1. They will gain a real-time evaluation of a discrete learning initiative of their choice.

2. They will benefit from supported internal consultancy to develop their learning evaluation strategy.

3. They will enhance their organisational capability in learning evaluation.

Remember the benefits to you…


  • You will start to get noticed in your organisation for demonstrating the value of learning.
  • Although you will be enhancing your organisational capability, you will also be equipping yourself with transferable skills for any future roles.
  • Adding this programme to your portfolio of achievements illustrates your commitment to CPD.
  • Networking with other L&D professionals could generate many other opportunities.


What next?

This programme is delivered by Airthrey Ltd.  The next best step is to visit their website to find out more about the programme – you can register for the course directly on their website or alternatively speak with Kenneth Fee, one of the tutors, to discuss further and confirm your place.

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Visit the LEAD Programme Website for More Details and to Register


PS.  Find out more information right now, places are limited - you need to have secured your place by Wednesday 14th August, at the very latest.

PPS. My blog is a free resource where you will hopefully find some useful articles to continue your own learning.  I do receive a small commission for any attendees that sign up to the LEAD programme as a result of my promotion.  This fee helps contribute to the cost of running my blog.  However, I have personally experienced this programme and would not recommend it if I didn’t believe that it offers great value for money.  Please continue to contribute to your own learning by reading some of the free and openly accessible articles on learning evaluation available at evaluationfocus